Monday, June 7, 2021

The Role of a School Superintendent

Craig Hockenberry holds a master's degree in education administration from Xavier University in Cincinnati, Ohio. After working for Cincinnati Public Schools and Manchester Local Schools, Craig Hockenberry was recently appointed the superintendent of Poland Local Schools, and will begin serving in the role in August 2021.

The superintendent serves as the school district's public face. They are primarily responsible for a district's successes and failures. To be a successful school superintendent, one should be an exceptional individual with a well-developed skill set in school administration. The duties include managing a school system’s budget. School budgets fluctuate from year to year, particularly in public schools. The amount of money available to the school district is determined to a degree by the state of the economy and the tax revenues generated. During lean years, the superintendent may face many challenges in maintaining a quality educational environment while managing the budget.

Working with others is a big part of what a superintendent does. Superintendents must be effective managers who can communicate well and recognize the importance of developing partnerships. The superintendent has to keep the board of education up to date on events and activities in the district, and suggest to the board possible improvements affecting the district's daily operations. These areas may include property maintenance, school curriculum, and student transfers. Superintendents have to review, revise, and if necessary, create new district policies. The job is certain to be rewarding, but the choices that must be made are often difficult.